In 1933 the Ruf Screen and Door Company helped pave the way for our business today. Building on the success and skills learned from this business, our construction expertise began in 1957 with August "Augie" Ruf.

Ruf Screen and Door Company

Teaming with his father, Augie began building an extensive legacy of craftsmanship and diligent hard work that led to exceptional and successful projects that remain visible in the Kansas City and surrounding area today. Our third generation (Troy, York and Sherri) along with dad and mom and a highly skilled dedicated staff, strongly continue what was started in 1957.


Ruf Construction has been involved in every phase of the construction industry, from insurance, renovation, residential, multi-family housing, asbestos removal, tenant finish and commercial buildings.

We have completed over 12 million square feet of tenant finish space, including 2 million square feet of medical spaces and 9.2 million of office spaces.


Our most recent success has been with restoring fire damaged homes.


We work diligently to meet your budget and schedule requirements. We continue to be competitive in today's economic change of the construction industry and "flex" to make it all work for you...that includes collaboration on brainstorming the possibilities to make your dreams and vision come true.

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